Hear what some of my previous clients have to say about my services and personal approach to coaching.

Joel Hudson
Chief Executive Officer 

“I have worked with Lydia for 10 years at three different organisations. She is strategic and dynamic as well as structured and measured. Her experience and thinking around customer service is second to none and she walks the talk ALL the time. Rarely do you find a person so adept at delivering to a customer’s needs and with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs, strategic direction and personality types.”

Sara Thorn
Medical Administrator

“A project required an observer and accountability partner who would offer a fresh and unbiased perspective on my progress, measures and achievements. Lydia was my observer and committed to helping me achieve my goals. She took the responsibility seriously and gave detailed, thought-provoking feedback. Her powerful questions clarified my goals.

This collaboration gave me a greater sense of self and ensured my success. Lydia’s passion, integrity and accountability increased my confidence and contributed to my project.”

Christine Lo
Marketing Manager, Website and Graphic Designer

“Lydia is professional, supportive, courageous and driven to achieve success for the team and organisation. She is an experienced and motivated sales leader and an expert in customer service training. Lydia confidently displays the qualities I respect in a leader; she is highly committed, empathic and effectively develops robust, meaningful relationships.

Sales team coaching was built around the concept of building leaders of substance and being the best version of yourself. The marketing team received training in sales skills and tactical execution of the business plan.

We received personal training on identifying cross-sell opportunities and maximising sales outcomes. One of the most important lessons was how to leverage sales data to provide insights on marketing campaigns. Lydia was engaged and supportive in building accountability for results within the sales and marketing teams. We are grateful for her ongoing motivation and development.”

Kolina Adamson
Disability Employment Coach                     

“When Lydia joined us, we were broken as individuals and as a team. In one week Lydia had us working together and taking small steps to success. She focused on outcomes and worked with us to understand our roles and business expectations.

By working with us individually and listening to our challenges, Lydia encouraged our strengths. She worked with our goals and aligned them to business performance. Lydia empowered us with her knowledge, support and skills. She gave clear direction on how we could get there.

As a team we committed to her 30, 60 and 90-day strategy. We grew fast, reached KPIs, communicated well and had some challenging conversations. We developed first-class customer service and built strong rapport with each other.  We learnt to be accountable for our actions and had a clear pathway to success with our results at 90 days, backing the strategy all the way.

The biggest gift Lydia gave me was in helping create an ‘I am’ statement. She believed in me as a valued team member, coached me every day, helped me strive to personal success and be the best I could be. I felt valued and inspired to work harder than ever before. I created new ideas, new plans and new self-belief. Lydia encouraged me to step away from education and into the disability employment sector. I now inspire others the way Lydia inspired me.”