Take your business to new heights with tailored future-proofing staff coaching sessions in a practical and cost-effective package.

Through my empowered coaching, individuals and teams learn how to harness their strengths, adapt to rapid change and create outstanding, sustainable results for your business. Collaboration, top-tier customer service and lead conversion builds strong teams and loyal customers.


Tailored, empowered coaching is a win-win for businesses and individuals.
Businesses benefit from:

  • developing leaders that build high-performance teams
  • recognising and harnessing emerging talent
  • producing inspired staff driven to deliver outstanding customer service
  • building long-term customer relationships
  • devising and attaining real-world customer solutions
  • attaining and maintaining success.

Individuals benefit from:

  • thoughtful leadership that aligns individual and business goals
  • realising their full potential
  • recognising and harnessing their strengths to create sustainable results
  • drawing on real-world sales methods
  • a sense of ownership in the organisation’s collaborative success.


With an outstanding track record in leading and developing sales, customer service and partnership teams, I have more than 20 years’ experience in senior sales management roles across a range of industries.

Specialising in individual leadership development, building high-performance teams and emerging talent, I understand the challenges of implementing collaboration, building top-tier customer service and converting leads into loyal long-term customers.

While delivering results suited to the current arena, I recognised most businesses were unprepared for rapid change and rarely included the customer in their business strategy.

I launched my coaching business as an answer to this, to deliver accelerated rapport building, leadership skills and to build leaders of substance for the world we live in now.

What sets me apart from other trainers are my empowering and empathetic coaching methods, which I tailor to each business, team or individual. I have the innate ability to guide people in harnessing their own unique strengths and to build upon these to create clear yet concrete outcomes for themselves and your business.

I’m passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their full potential, and bring practicality and credibility to my coaching for those working in customer-facing roles. Decades of hands-on leadership experience has equipped me with a wealth of business knowledge and a practical, purposeful and personal approach to coaching.

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Working together, we can identify improvements you would like to make in your business. Based on this analysis, I can develop small workshops and individual soft skills training that will:

  • empower leaders with the tools to implement these improvements
  • help customer-facing team members align personally and professionally, while becoming the best possible version of themselves within the business.

Coaching Topics

My coaching conversations for individuals and teams can be tailored to cover topics such as:

  • raising standards
  • customer service mistakes
  • building rapport and trust
  • becoming a leader of substance
  • supercharged service skills
  • interpersonal effectiveness
  • harnessing buying decisions
  • how powerful questions gain sales.

The next column represents an expansion of points we can touch on within some of these topics.

Customer Service Challenges

Key Challenges we often see in sales and customer service:

  • building invisible fences
  • thinking probability vs possibility
  • having an exaggerated need to be liked (not rapport focused)
  • can’t handle unstructured time
  • working to beat of their own drum
  • avoiding crucial conversations
  • work for work vs working for results
  • hanging around the office looking busy.

Rapport & Trust

If you develop the ability to build rapport with techniques such as matching and mirroring tonality, physiology and words, you will achieve all that you want and need.  Developing trust with in teams means problems are solved faster, teams are happier, more efficient and solid performance emerges.

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Time Management

Time Management is a skill that has far-reaching lifelong effectiveness. Time is a non-renewable resource; we only have 168 hours in a week. Understanding and respecting people’s time and our own means being better organised, developing time for flexible planning, less rework, collaboration and finding more opportunities.

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Powerful Questions

By asking powerful questions you can bring out fresh information and insight into a situation. The client will stop and think about their response and give you additional insight. Using powerful questioning and NLP techniques, I can help you to open your mind to other ways of behaving, responding and identifying possibilities.

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